About Winning Streak Sports

I have known the great people at Winning Streak Sports for 15+ years and I have always greatly admired their products. Like my Maple Leaf Productions products, their family of products celebrates the history of sports and they are also very well made – products that true sports fans would be proud to have in their own home and/or office.

Early in 2017 I asked Winning Streak if they would work with me and allow me to be an online seller of their products and they welcomed me with open arms. Thus Heritage Sports Banners was born and this website is the result.

Some people might wonder why I so openly explain the source of the products I am selling on this site. The answer is simple – I’m proud to work with Winning Streak and proud to sell their products, so I’m delighted to tell anyone I can where the products come from. Does this mean you might be able to find a better price somewhere else since you now know who the manufacturer is?


But if you want to deal with a real person who truly wants to treat his customers with respect, I hope you will consider working with me. I also feel we have by far the widest selection of Winning Streak Sports products anywhere in the world and that our website makes it very easy to find products by team name. So search away, and always feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.